We are not sad people. We are two perfectly respectable people who you might like if you met us. The only possibly weird thing you can say about us is that we’ve never lived in the same time zone. Sloane lives in New York, Greg lives in San Francisco. And yet, we made the ill-advised decision to enter immediately into a long-distance relationship. This was eventually followed by a long-distance breakup. So now we are long-distance friends.

Anyway, at some point Greg sent Sloane this photo: 

And then this:


And others until Sloane mentioned that maybe this was a theme for him.

To make a long story short, it grew into a habit.* The photos of Sad Stuff on the Street were just funny. And they were everywhere. And they led to some heated and hilarious debates on what constitutes Sad Stuff on the Street.

Ultimately, it seemed unfair that we should experience this alone. Who are we to exclude people from participating in Sad Stuff on the Street just because they happened not to have participated in our relationship? 

So please, send us your photos of Sad Stuff on the Street! 

We want to see your sad shit. And we want to show you ours.

*For the long-winded version of the story, click here.